About this review site

Because reliable reviews are rarely available on the web, it is essential for buyers to have access to objective reviews to help them decide on which online pharmacies to use for their medicines.

Our site, top10rx.com, believes that buyers are entitled to as much information as they need so they can decide properly about buying. When it comes to medicines, you can’t just go about using just any store within reach. When purchasing medicines online, you have to think about getting the best value for your money, the integrity of the seller, your safety as a customer, and also the possible impact of the medicines you purchase online.

Often, online pharmacy reviews (those published on-site, at least) are highly unreliable. Instead of offering a truthful perspective regarding the stores they are published in, most of these reviews turn out “salesy” instead of informative.

At Top10rx, it is our goal to give our readers informative, well-researched reviews they can rely on. We aim for our reviews to help our buyers decide effectively on which online pharmacies to use—we’re not connected with any online vendor in the market and we’re not sponsored by any drug company, so we assure you, we’re not playing favorites on our website.

We hope our reviews help you find the best online vendors for your meds!