Privacy Policy

We believe that our users have the right to their privacy, that’s why we understand that all the information you have shared with us must be treated with utter confidence. To protect our users’ privacy, we ensure that whatever data you have shared with us on our platform will be kept confidential and will not be shared with third-party users.

Data such as your email or your phone number which you have voluntarily shared with us (for updates and other concerns) will be used only for purposes stated on this website. We are not in the business of selling email lists and phone numbers to other websites, so you can rest assured that the data you have shared with us will remain for our eyes only.

What Data Do We Collect?

Visiting our website (or any other website on the web for that matter) means that you agree to share your log files with us. During your visit, you share your IP address (internet protocol address), your browser you used to visit us (for instance, Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, etc.) and your ISP (internet service provider). Like any other web platform, we can view your website logs on our site, like the pages you have recently visited on our review site.

What About Cookies?

An internet cookie is a small piece of data sent by any website to your computer (via your web browser) when you visit any website. Like all websites on the internet, we also use cookies to help our users make the most of their website experience on our platform. Our cookies will help you browse our site faster, as we use cookies to optimize our user experience. For instance, we use cookies to help you log in on our site, to access forums, or to access special features of our website.

Because we have also teamed up with third-party advertisers to give added support to our review platform, these advertisers may also use our cookies for local or geographical targeting. This will help them advertise to consumers in nearby areas (for instance, they can show shopping ads wherever they are relevant – like Boston apartment ads to people actually living in Boston) and advertise depending on the users’ activity.

We may also use specialized cookies like Double Click DART cookies through our use of Google’s Double Click Ad service. What DART cookies do is serve ads that are tailored to your interests as a user, based on your web behavior. DART only uses behavioral information (like the previous sites you have frequented) and therefore DOES NOT collect personally identifiable information like financial information such as your credit card details, address, phone number, email, social security, bank account, and so on.

Can I Opt out of Cookies or DART Cookies?

Yes, you can – you can opt out of DART by manually visiting this site:

You can also manually disable cookies via your browser (visit the “settings” bit and look for settings pertaining to cookies). You can also manage your security settings in such a way that you can block third-party cookies on your computer.

While opting out of cookies does not mean that you won’t be able to access our website, disabling cookies may significantly affect how you navigate our website. Like we’ve mentioned, cookies help our users make the most out of their visit on our platform, so leaving out cookies may stifle your user experience on our website.