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Terms and Modifications

We (the staff and the owners of this website) have the right to make changes on these terms at any given time, as we deem fit. Term changes take effect when they get posted – we will inform our users regarding the changes and make it a point to check for their acceptance of the revised terms (for instance, we may ask you to click “I agree” or “I accept” when you visit our website).

Once you continue using our website, it means that you agree to the revised terms and conditions stated on our platform. For more information on changes on our terms and conditions, you may check our website from time to time.

Posting Content

Our website allows its users to post or link content using our platform and in by doing so, we make our users responsible for their posts or any content they publish on our website. Posting or linking our website means you are making the content available for our service and that you are granting us the right to reproduce, modify, use, publicly display or perform, and distribute your content through our service or other means.

This means that you allow us to use your content and post it wherever we may deem fit – we have the right to modify or alter content or post for display, although we would not change its substance. While we may use your content at any time, you still retain the rights to your content. As someone with the rights to the content, you have right to delete the content at any time; however, backups or remnants of your posted content may still remain on our platform for some time.


Creating an account on our platform is free, but creating an account with us means that you are responsible for your security on our platform. There is a risk of unauthorized access (this exists in every website, even ours) and it is your responsibility to keep your password safe from anyone who would like to hack in your account. In case of possible or suspected account breach, you can contact us for assistance.

Limitations for Posting Content

While we allow our users to post content on our website, we do not allow content that is considered:

  • Unlawful, illegal, or something that would make the service liable
  • Fraudulent, libelous, deceptive, defamatory, bigoted
  • An infringement or violation of any trademark, copyright, patent, right of privacy, intellectual right, trade secret, or any right or any similar matter
  • Spam or a mass promotion
  • A virus or any form of data that can harm or disrupt software, code, or infect hardware
  • Personal information of any person or third party (email, address, bank account, etc.)

Limitations of Your Use of Our Service

Using our service means that you agree not to:

  • Use our platform to collect personal data from other users
  • Use the service to threaten, stalk, intimidate, bully, defraud, harass, or humiliate other members or users of the platform
  • Use the service if you’re 13 years old or younger
  • Use our platform to negatively influence or interfere with other users’ freedom to use the platform
  • Use our service to damage, overburden, disable or impair our website
  • Deliberately hack into our system or circumvent our security or features for any reason
  • Reverse engineer our site for your personal gain (to create your own product to rival our own)
  • Modify our website or parts of our website for your commercial use
  • Use our platform for other purposes
  • Data mine or extract data from our site
  • Use our website to defame, slander, insult, humiliate us or destroy our credibility

We have the right to terminate your use or revoke your membership on our platform at any time, should you perform any of these unacceptable uses of our site.

Our Content

We make no guarantees on the accuracy, quality, or completeness of the information provided on our platform. Information from our users or from third-parties are not verified and hence we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the content shared through our platform.

We may not be held liable concerning the information published on our website or be held liable for the authenticity and the correctness on the content published on our platform.


All of the content on our platform are made accessible to you without any warranty, guarantee or representation of any kind. This being the case, we have the right to terminate our users’ access to our service at any time.

We will not be held liable to our clients or any third party for any kind of damage incurred by the use of our website or service or by any material or content obtained through our platform. Using our website means that you agree to indemnify or hold us harmless against all damages, expenses, liabilities, and all forms of fees that may arise with the use of our site and claims made by third parties or users of our service.


Intellectual property rights are a big deal for us and we strictly follow the provisions of the DMCA or the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other property rights laws. We have the right to terminate anyone’s use of our website in the case of copyright infringement.